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25 Sep 2020

Watch Pinocchio online free HD 123 Movies

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In this live-action adaptation of the beloved fairytale, old woodcarver Geppetto fashions a wooden puppet, Pinocchio, who magically comes to life. Pinocchio longs for adventure and is easily led astray, encountering magical beasts, fantastical spectacles, while making friends and foes along his journey. However, his dream is to become a real boy, which can only come true if he finally changes his ways.

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Country: USA | Canada
Language: English
Release date: 22

Filming Locations: Phoenix, Beaumont, Hialeah
Budget: $56,000,000 (estimated)

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Opening Weekend USA: $42,000,000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $525,000,000
Cast: Sam Shepard, Ewan McGregor...
Producer: Darren Aronofsky
Runtime: 179 min

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Pinocchio What has been difficult for me to understand is why someone would give Star Wars a 1 out of 10. For this and movies in general, why would someone give it a 1 and STILL say the words that it was good or even great in their reviews. The only reason they rate it a 1 so people can filter out the worst reviews, or they believe they have to give it a 1 because they believe it to be 'overrated'.If you really, really, hate this film (I mean on the level where you think Batman and Robin, Baby Geniuses 2, Glitter, Son of the Mask, or Leonard Part 6 are vastly superior films) then thats fine. But do would you really honestly think that those films are better or equal to Star Wars? I mean lets be honest, the majority of most regular Star Wars fans are embarrassed by the prototypical geeky hardcore fan. People DO take it too far, but that doesn't mean you have to hate the film itself. Its not Lucas's fault. Maybe it even goes to show how powerful a singular film can be.If you really hate this film and think it is the worst or one of the worst films out of hundreds of thousands EVER made then thats fine. But to think you are creating a certain backlash against a film's popularity and rate this film a 1 because YOU believe YOUR opinion is is SO much greater than anyone else then fine.Just do me and everyone else a favor. Watch some of the top 100 worst films on the IMDb. If you think any or all of those films are equal to Star Wars... Then OK, its fine to have an opinion thats different from everyone else.
I have nothing to say but wow everyone did an amazing job! Once again Taika Waititi blew my socks off! Watch Pinocchio online free HD 123 Movies
So Rey and Kylo Ren are my favorite characters, so it makes sense that I loved this movie because the movie was really meant to service them. Both of their character arcs were well done, and better than any other Star Wars character arc.Now, when it comes to everything surrounding Rey and Kylo Ren, this is where the movie starts to thin. I understand people's issues with Luke, the subplot with Rose, and Space Leia.Did Rian Johnson ruin the franchise? No. Was this a fun watch? Yes. Could it have been better? Definitely.We'll see what JJ does with episode IX.

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