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25 Sep 2020

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A high school transfer student finds a new passion when she begins to work on the school's newspaper.

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Country: USA | Canada
Language: English
Release date: 7 October
Filming Locations: Burbank, Mesquite, Palm Bay
Budget: $98,000,000 (estimated)

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Opening Weekend USA: $40,000,000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $595,000,000
Cast: Tom Hanks, John Hurt...
Producer: Alex Garland
Runtime: 123 min

Especially for sophisticated viewers, our team has prepared several interesting reviews of the movie Chemical Hearts

Chemical Hearts This is another of one of my favorite films of all time. This film is special to me in so many ways, from the fact that it's another film from my childhood I saw this when I was about seven years old. But most importantly this was the very first time travel sci-fi I've ever seen and it's still my favorite in the sci-fi subgenera. Back then I never even heard of the genre and the concept, this film is one hell of an introductory, it was a concept that blew me away the ability to travel anywhere throughout time; personally, for me I'd love to revisit the 80's decade which is funny to say since this film was made in the 80's. You could also say this was the film that steered me to my favorite TV show of all time "Doctor Who".This film just has so much, I really like the story which is fun and clever at the same time. One thing this film does well is the fact things aren't overcomplicated, the fundamental problem with most time travel stories are sometimes they have this stupid need to complicate things or play around too much which really swiss cheeses the story in plot and consistence or that it's overly concerned on the concept and logic but little on story. This film keeps things simple because it keeps the car on the road, by keeping the focus on character and story. Sure, there is a slight complication and inconsistency in this story but it's not noticeable not even concerned about it, even I wasn't and let's face it all time travels stories have this. The film also kind of stays true to the pulp sci-fi as their concern was for story and adventure and logic was shelved.The characters are great from Biff Tannen played well by underrated actor Thomas F Wilson whom is one of my favorite fictional villians as throughout the film series he's had several versions of himself about as many as any Time Lord from "Doctor Who". He's a villain you love to hate, yeah, he's basically a bully whom I normally despise but here it's handled right where he's a person you easily can despise but have fun with at the same time. He has some of the best lines, but I think what really makes him stand out is the fact that he's an idiot. Despite the guy being big and strong, having the best car, it's all really just a way to pass himself as cool, the guy literally thinks he's really cool even though in reality everyone around him knows he a dirtbag.But of course, the two characters that really make the film are Marty and Doc Emit Brown played by two of my favorite actors Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. These two are defiantly one of my favorite duos, both play off each other and balance each other out well.Marty McFly is great he's one of my favorite fictional protagonists because he's someone I can easily emphasize with as I was a kid from the 80's and I can epaphisize with bits of his persona. As he's a teen from the 80's, as he's into skateboarding, music, camcorders, and a lot of things in the 80s, I'm a kid from the 80's I was into that stuff too. He's kind of on the rebellious side, but he's more of a silent rebel as he doesn't always feel a total need to follow every rule, as he sometimes undermines the school principal, even I'm like that sometimes. But what I like about him is he's a person that has big dreams and ambitions, he wants his band to play in big events and also make music in the music world, however he has faced his series of rejections yeah, I can emphasize with that with my acting auditions; however he doesn't give up despite how much it hurts. Though also has dreams of love with his significant other Jennifer played well by Claudia Wells whom I thought was kind of hot, you really get a good feel for her and both of them as they've been a couple for a long time.I really like how Marty reacts to the 1950's decade, since he a kid from the 80's it's easy for me to emphasize with him since I was one to. To some people that either lived or close the decade of the 50's or historians that have some fascination with it, it would be a dream come true to be able to come back to it. But for a person like Marty and myself, we wouldn't really like it not to say it's a place I wouldn't mind visiting but not one I'd want to say in ; for one thing Marty traveled their unintentionally and with time travel machines you'd have the freedom to stroll out the door anytime you want but his freedom has been prohibited so that sucks. However, I really like in the first sequence of going to 1950's Hill Valley how disoriented and even scared he looks, I'm sure that would be how we would react to walking to a decade long gone it's like walking into another world. From seeing vintage cars, you would see in a car museum being driven conveniently, old songs you'd hear on an oldies but goodies on a sat radio station being played as if they've just made the billboard, certain things that aren't around yet like video games or further seasons of "Doctor Who", it wouldn't exactly be like going to a vacation spot.It's also funny in the film how Marty in an inadvertent way affects things not just from how he brings his parents together but also how may 'be he was one factor that may have helped get certain things in our modern-day culture started. Like the music he plays in the school dance, the skateboard, you name it. To me that's part of the what makes the film it funny and fascinating, it really shows how one person can really have a big affect on time without know it but also how one person truly can make a difference. Though it also brings up the parallel dynamic between both Marty and the 50's decade as both were a time of great changes from youth to culture.Doc Brown is just great as he's is a genius but is a bit childlike as he does have a bit of an eccentricity from his hairstyle which always seems to be stick up to even how rapidly inventive he is. However, he does have a good dose of common sense and wisdom which keeps him from not flying off the road but also able to interact properly and mentor Marty. But one thing about him I can easily emphasize with is on how fast he is, he the kind of person that loves to do lots of things and get things done but is aware he has limited time to do them. Like in one scene, he has built a rather elaborate scale model of the town but is apologetic that he didn't have enough time to paint and give it details, despite the fact it's looks great all the same. I just find that a little funny because I'm sort of like that myself where sometimes I get one thing done but there is one other thing I haven't got done yet or I wanted to do within the given time.I really love the DeLorean, it's my second favorite time traveling machine next to the Tardis on "Doctor Who" which you know is my first. Making a time traveling machine out of a car was unheard of at the time, personal I thought it was a cool idea and really is a lot more convient because with it you will not just travel back or forwards in time, but you'd be able to drive within that time period where ever you need to go and hide it better by driving to a spot. The effects on that DeLorean are cool just every time it travels in time it just leaves a vapor trail of fire on the road. Music is also great this film has probably one of the best soundtracks I know. From the theme song from Alvin Silvestri which perfectly reflects the movie as it has an adventurous tone. Another trademark are two other songs from the film "The Power of Love" and "Back in Time" by Huey Lewis and the News. As well as a few familiar oldies but goodies tracks, most notably the song "Johnny Be Good" at the dance.There are lots of fun moments I won't say them all since there are so many which makes the better because there's not one dull moment, from the big highlight for me is the Skateboard sequence which is one of my favorite chase scenes, here it's a skateboard skating away from an automobile. When you think about it being on a skateboard does have its advantages as Marty is able to ride on sidewalks and certain roadways and areas that an automobile would have a hard time accessing, which means plenty of opportunities to outmaneuver his opponent. But also, the fact that Marty is using a skateboard in the 1950's decade alone is really cool, since they didn't have skateboards back then. To even the small moments my favorite which is to me one of the best reference jokes ever when Marty puts himself in the Rad suit and is tricking George to asking Lorene out by mixing up two popular sci-fi franchises, that segment always cracks me up being a sci-fi fan.Well I've said enough, "Back to the Future" is a timeless classic that has the millage that goes beyond time.Rating: 4 stars
Christopher Nolan is one of the few filmmakers in the world today with the ability to make a big budget blockbuster that is truly original. Inception is like nothing you have ever seen before. The plot involves a world where the technology exists to allow people to invade the dreams of others. This technology has a practical use if you make your living stealing ideas, like Leonardo DiCaprio's character does.Beyond that, I won't say anything about the plot because the less you know going in, the better. I will say that the story is nothing short of incredible. I can't imagine the amount of work it took to write such a complex script and still have it all come together neatly with zero plot holes. I have this image in my head of Nolan drawing these massive flow charts with a thousand bubbles on a giant dry-erase board.This film will please every kind of moviegoer, from the average-joe who likes action and special effects to the hard core film nerd that likes to analyze every second of screen time, this movie works on enough levels to please them all.Nolan does require of his audience the ability to pay very close attention for the entire 2.5 hours, but if you give him that, he'll take you on an incredible journey. Inception is truly one of the best films ever made. Watch Chemical Hearts online free now
This movie is incredible. My only problem is the critics who think they are high and mighty. They've been widely putting Episode I down. They are the only people who have had expectations higher than any movie could reach. The only way for George Lucas to make a bad Star Wars movie would be for him to TRY to make a bad movie.The reason is simple. The entire "Star Wars" saga (Episodes I-VI) was written (or at least known) before any movie was ever made. What real Star Wars fans love is the story, which was written as one, six-part saga. Mr. Lucas will have to try really hard to disappoint his real fans.

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